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Latest from Suzbeads – Wooden Necklace and Earrings

Wooden earrings

To go with this great, wooden necklace


What do you get when you mix a box of rocks and a large window?

Welcome to my photo studio!

Take a box of river rock, and a nice large window for light, and you’ve got yourself a mini photo studio!  I have been using our shell collection the same way.

Today my kitty cat was hanging out with me while I took some photos.  Her kitty hair did pose a little problem because she laid on the black velvet I often use a background.  It wasn’t anything a little packing tape couldn’t solve.  Just roll a piece inside out around your hand, and it makes a great hair-picker-upper!

My mom has been busy.  She crafted these earrings and necklace this weekend along with their match for a total of 2 sets of blue green necklace and earring combinations. Come see more in my Etsy store.

Suz Beads

My mom has been working with beads since she was a little girl.  She makes some great stuff.  I want to showcase some of it here and sell it in my Etsy Store.  This is one of her latest pieces. The necklace is semi-precious stone and bronze pearled beads with metal. She made some great earrings that match! Come see them at my Etsy store!