My latest Use For Our Shell Collection!

Don’t know why I had not thought of this before.  The kids and I have had a shell collection for years. Each time we find a shell we love, we bring it home. If they had a choice, they would come home with 50 shells a day, but I try to limit it to a couple per trip.  LOL !

What a fun background the bumpy shells make in photographs?! I like to use a skimming light to really bring out the textures.  I will have to play with this more!  It also makes me want to ask my husband to drill holes in my shells so I can make more shell jewelry!  I’ll keep you posted on what we think up!

I really like these blue earrings. I made them last night.  The glass beads are not exactly alike, and I love that.  I think they are perfectly, imperfect.  From top to bottom, these earrings measure 1 .5″

I’m keeping these for myself!


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