Loving Wire Wrap

I have been having a great time with the wire wrap technic lately.  I find it relaxing, and I love seeing the piece I’m working on coming to life in front of me.

I just listed this bracelet in our Etsy Shop.  I made one like it to keep as well.  They make me happy when I look at them, and they goes with everything!

Latest from Suzbeads – Wooden Necklace and Earrings

Wooden earrings

To go with this great, wooden necklace

Time For Me To Make Wine Glass Charms!

Oh, the time change!  One good thing about this year’s time change is that it lands on the same week as our spring break.  We get to ease into one less hour to sleep. This is what I woke up thinking about this morning – making these!

Voila!  Done!

Now, I can move on with my day.  I do have laundry to do!  Hope you like them.  Come check them out in my Etsy Store!

Colorful Spring Daisy Chain Anklet

Anklets always remind me of warm days. Hanging out on the beach or in the pool.
My mom made this daisy chain anklet. It didn’t stay listed in our Etsy store long. We’ll have to make more!!! Spring weather is just around the corner.

Chocolate Shell Bracelet

I made these while  waiting for everyone in the house to wake up this morning,  The feel of this bracelet and earrings makes me think of our beaches here in sunny South Florida.  This makes me happy!

Soon after, I discovered the news of the devastation on the beaches of Japan.  My heart goes out to them.  We are praying for them!!!

What do you get when you mix a box of rocks and a large window?

Welcome to my photo studio!

Take a box of river rock, and a nice large window for light, and you’ve got yourself a mini photo studio!  I have been using our shell collection the same way.

Today my kitty cat was hanging out with me while I took some photos.  Her kitty hair did pose a little problem because she laid on the black velvet I often use a background.  It wasn’t anything a little packing tape couldn’t solve.  Just roll a piece inside out around your hand, and it makes a great hair-picker-upper!

My mom has been busy.  She crafted these earrings and necklace this weekend along with their match for a total of 2 sets of blue green necklace and earring combinations. Come see more in my Etsy store.

My latest Use For Our Shell Collection!

Don’t know why I had not thought of this before.  The kids and I have had a shell collection for years. Each time we find a shell we love, we bring it home. If they had a choice, they would come home with 50 shells a day, but I try to limit it to a couple per trip.  LOL !

What a fun background the bumpy shells make in photographs?! I like to use a skimming light to really bring out the textures.  I will have to play with this more!  It also makes me want to ask my husband to drill holes in my shells so I can make more shell jewelry!  I’ll keep you posted on what we think up!

I really like these blue earrings. I made them last night.  The glass beads are not exactly alike, and I love that.  I think they are perfectly, imperfect.  From top to bottom, these earrings measure 1 .5″

I’m keeping these for myself!